Adelka Polak, is a dancer, puppeteer, mask-performer and movement director whose work has brought her to Denmark, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. Recently, in an original theatrical production of "Crane: On Earth, In Sky" she worked with some of the latest Henson Workshop puppets in a show led by artists Heather Henson and Grammy-Award winner Ty Defoe. She also worked with Squonk Opera who went “from junkyards to Broadway” and performed at Lincoln Center Outdoors and LaMama, E.T.C. with the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater of NYC.

Ms. Polak was featured on CPTV’s “Spotlight on the Arts” with Masque Theatre in a segment nominated for cultural Emmy in 2010 and produced by Ed Wierzbiecki. She shares her knowledge of dance, puppetry and crossing artistic disciplines with audiences across the U.S. and abroad, especially with youth in her local community CT schools like Barlow Mountain Elementary, Scotland, Wooster School.  She also works with unique programming to integrate the arts and nature at Two Coyotes Wilderness School and the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. 



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