• Fair Haven School (map)
  • 164 Grand Ave.
  • Fair Haven, CT

Three countries meet on one small stage: Great Small Works members Trudi Cohen and John Bell are teaming up with Facto Teatro from Mexico City and Barbara Steinitz from Berlin to share a program of Paper Theater for venues across New England.

Facto Teatro's "Don Chico con alas" is based on a story by the Mexican writer Eraclio Zepeda. To go from one village to another Don Chico must come down the mountain, cross the jungle, then the river and up the opposite hill. He decides he needs to build himself a pair of wings and fly, to reach the sky before national holidays.

Great Small Works' "Living Newspaper, Episode Two: Sidewalk Ballet" contemplates the life of the city, featuring Jane Jacobs, Robert Moses, a burning bush, and the sidewalk.

Where noted, "Living Newspaper" will be replaced by Great Small Works' "Lyzer the Miser." Based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, clever Todie teaches greedy Lyzer a lesson about generosity.

In Facto Teatro and Steinitz's collaboration "Duraznos Azules," Pedro asks his grandmother why the peaches in her garden are blue.