Toured with Tears of Joy Puppet Theater with my husband Larry. As a member of the company, I performed, constructed, created, and taught workshops.

1976-77: Miser of Tahoma, Trouble at the Fort, and Alice in Wonderland (version 1)

1977-78: Sungura the Hare (version 1)

1978-79: The Black Heart of Indri

1979-80: You Are What You Eat (Nutrition Show), Inanna in the Underworld, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner

1980-81: The Magic Calliope, Onion Skin Soup, THE MASQUE COMPANY Independently:

1981-82 Created and performed an original production to educate pre-schoolers about Poison Control

1989-90 Created, performed and conducted workshops about the CT Legend of the Old Leatherman I have continued to use puppetry as a teacher.

With Robin McCahill as artist in residence we created a series of felt puppets for a music video. 2010 Speaker and workshop presenter at the International Puppetry Festival in Israel 2012 Lecture Demonstration: Izmir International Festival featuring a bilingual student production of Nasreddin Hodja a Turkish Trickster Tale


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