Robin's eye view

Tuesday we experienced an evening at the Jorgensen with a film documenting Caroll Spinney career and biography. Caroll and Debbie were on stage after the film with Oscar the Grouch to answer questions and share life experiences. Cheryl Henson lead out the evening "Celebrating Jim Henson and the Art of Puppetry" as she spun a more extensive tale of her father and mother's career and family. She told of how her dad had gone abroad to see first hand how puppeteers around the world performed with puppets. His interest in film preceded his interest in puppetry. Upon his return he asked Jane to marry him and a career in television is where life took them. Children came along and were swept along with them in the puppet world. Cheryl and Heather are joining us here at the festival. Wonderful to get such sensitive insight into the interweaving of Jim, Jane, Caroll and Debbie's personal feelings as well as professional connections. Wondrous evening!