Robin's Eye View


Elephant by Clare Dolan and The Museum of Everyday Life, Glover VT


This performance moved me very deeply. Clare Dolan wove a story about the final days of her mother's life linked with the mass murders of elephants. She connected these stories through the theme of "memory". The elder Elephants keep the memory for all and have a very deep tradition. With the deaths of the elders the young do not learn the traditions and hold the memories. The story linked to her mother leaving the earthly plane with many memories not shared.


Her puppets were cardboard yet held a depth with movement and sometimes subtle expression. As she held the cardboard hand of her mother who was lying in the  stage area it felt as though part of her mother had already left.


Clare was part of the performance through out. The use of toy instruments made me think that no matter how old we are, our parents are always our link to childhood memories. The performance was sensitive and stirred my emotions...... and I made sure to tell her so.