Robin's Eye View  Toy Theater of Terror As Usual

Internet access has kept me from writing to our blog so this is arriving a bit late.


We have seen some amazing, charming and interesting Toy theatre performances. Some have been one person, some multiple. We have been entertained with live music, recorded music and a cappello. The variety of interpretations and styles in inspiring.


John Bell and company's (Great Small Works) performance, Toy Theater of Terror As Usual, Episode 13 "Whistles and Leaks", is an energetic mix ofsong, music, dance, toy theatre and acting. It is full of  political and ethical implications as documents are shredded and information leaked. There is a relationship of current events mingled with historical myth. The performance was entertaining as well as providing the audience with an opportunity to question the News and events related to freedom of information, the military and individual beliefs and rights. Food for thought!